Enabling members to communicate direct with club management

The golftell member app creates a channel for club members (and their guests) to privately communicate their views direct with club management, from the convenience of their mobile device.

Amid the current pandemic, the app is assisting clubs to monitor safe play, with members taking responsibility of their own behaviour and entrusted to privately report any discrepancies encountered to club management using the app.

Feedback is received within a secure dashboard, away from the public eye and with total confidentiality.

Clubs have the deciding factor on how, when and what feedback they wish to share with its members.

The app acts as an electronic comments card encouraging feedback, the member in control of their preference of anonymity. It can also be added to any existing club apps.

Feedback is channelled into categories that include:
  • Golf Course: greens / tees / fairways / bunkers
  • Food & Beverage: club house / on-course
  • Staff Attitude: golf shop / reception / F&B / starters / rangers / greenkeepers
  • Facilities: golf shop / club house / practice area

Members indicate their level of satisfaction based on a Great, Good, Average or Poor experience, meaning posting feedback is quick & easy. Supplementary comments and images can be added to reflect ratings.

Results are broken down by category and can be further filtered into pre-set demographics, allowing for further analysis based on member age, gender, handicap, membership category, playing frequency etc.

Like all 59club tools, managers gain industry benchmarks with the ability to make service comparisons to the best performing clubs and the my59 industry average.

Feedback empowers managers to make informed decisions to improve their member experience leading to enhanced levels of satisfaction, better retention and new member acquisition rates - and all this from just one powerful little app!