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Deliver industry leading satisfaction surveys to your customers online, providing an economical way of truly understanding their views, what is important to them and the degree of that importance.

The feedback generates clear direction to improve the 'experience' afforded to your ‘Members, Visitors and Staff’, assisting you to breed loyalty, increase spend, secure referral and repeat business.

Ask the right questions to generate reliable feedback: Industry specific templates assist you to build surveys from a bank of insightful questions, with the flexibility to add bespoke questions as desired.

Industry Specific Templates
Industry Benchmarks
Integrated Software
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Demographic Filters
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Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

  • New Member Integration
  • Member Experience
  • Member Exit
  • Visitor Experience
  • Group Golf Day Organiser
  • Golf Lesson
  • Club Fitting
  • Academy/Driving Range

Leisure, Spa & Beauty:
  • New Member Integration
  • Member Experience
  • Member Exit
  • Leisure Day Guest
  • Spa Day Experience
  • Beauty Treatment
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Class

  • Dining Experience
  • Hotel Guest
  • Conference & Events

Human Resources:
  • New Starter
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Exit

  • Customer Service Tracker
  • Bespoke Surveys
  • Member Communication App

Automated software invites customers to complete a survey based on their recent encounter, or will track a customer’s experience at significant landmarks during their journey, auto-generating a series of questionnaires, in sequence at set intervals as programmed.

The dashboard features real-time results, with built in demographic filters, industry benchmark comparisons and trend tracking tools for immediate and astute analysis.