Safeguarding the industry’s comeback with 59club’s Covid Response Kit

The consistent approach throughout this pandemic has seen venues strive to secure customer loyalty; ensuring that when members, guests and staff were able to return, that they received the best experience, retaining their custom and engagement.

As the industry faces evolving changes in the way golf and hospitality operates, we are delighted to support you with our Covid Response Kit - including our entire suite of services; monthly my59 mystery shops, unlimited use of my59 mentor, unlimited my59 member, guest and staff surveys and premium access to my59 metrics.

my59 mystery shopping my59 mentor my59 surveys my59 metrics

All the armoury needed to ensure a successful emergence from Covid. Mystery Shop your customer journey including your practice of essential Covid-19 safeguarding policies, access to virtual education to upskill your workforce, measure customer and staff satisfaction levels, generate live member feedback and compare insight around operating costs; ensuring you achieve your greatest levels of customer service and sales performance – 59club are here to support you.

Customer service can’t be left to chance. Poor experiences can do untold damage to your business, your reputation, and your profits in the process. We have made #59 Covid-19 Response Kits available now for just £999 across July, August & September.

Your 59club Area Manager can also tailor our products & services to reflect individual needs and budgetary requirements. There’s even the option to pay in 3 monthly instalments, plus if you sign up today, you will receive the rest of June on us!

There has never been a better time to reposition your business utilising 59club’s universal intelligence at a time when customer acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty is needed most.

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