International benchmarking specialist partners with golf’s leading HR & employment law firm.

59club UK, the Industry’s leading Customer Service and Sales Analysts and Training Provider, has today announced a partnership with Golf HR, the expert Employment Law and HR Specialist supporting golf clubs in the UK.

Golf HR and its sister company Gap HR have been keeping organisations tribunal-free for 19 years, and now work with 129 private member clubs, and 62 private sector companies. More than a quarter of the Top 100 Golf Courses in England work on with Golf HR on a regular monthly basis. Golf HR has also run the GCMA Employment Law Helpline since January 2018, which members can call to talk about any issues they have in their clubs.

The partnership will see the two companies unite in providing data, support, and expert advice to ensure their clients make informed decisions on both their product offering, service, and to support and develop their people.

Will Hewitt, General Manager of 59club UK commented;

“We are delighted to partner with Golf HR and share our mutual clients’ sentiments and enthusiasm towards the great work that Carolyne and the team are delivering.

“59club’s success is achieved through gathering global proprietary data; to better understand individual client performance levels, and subsequently supporting our properties to make informed decisions to elevate their sales and customer service performance. With the training support we offer, and the use of our performance management tools, it’s a complete package; and that’s what I saw in Golf HR; their style of doing business mirrors our level of support in exactly the same way.”

Carolyne Wahlen, Director of Golf HR was similarly delighted to partner with 59club;

“Our partnership with 59club will help more golf clubs be aware of the things they need to be doing to increase success.

“Our HR services ensure our clients have all the information they need to deal with staff issues safely, legally and in a way that provides the best outcome for the club, and we’re excited to partner with an organisation that also provides critical information to help golf clubs move forward. 

“Just like 59club, we promote decisions based on facts and realities, gathering data to help our clients make the right decisions when dealing with employee issues.”

59club goes green to champion climate change

59club Headquarters are delighted to announce their commitment to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2022, and their division serving the UK joins them in this promise 8 years earlier than planned.

As the market-leading performance-management specialist continues to expand its operation around the world, they had originally set sights on a global goal of becoming carbon neutral across all territories by the end of 2030, however 59club UK and its Global Headquarters have brought forward their plan by 8 years.

General Manager of 59club UK, Will Hewitt describes the move as; “Essential, if we are to achieve our goal of being a responsible employer.  We could wait, it would be easy to do so and with much less business expense, but we feel that action is needed now, and we are willing to act.

“Our plans have scrutinised every single activity and expense that our company undertakes, from our Mystery Shopping, Training Services, our Awards Events and program, right through to the servers which host our software and the power used for every aspect of our employees work.

“We are confident that within the UK we can achieve the goal of eradicating our carbon footprint within the next 12 months. In addition, we want to go further and will also factor in the activities that our staff undertake away from work where we can support them. 

“As part of the plans we will also develop a tree planting project here in the UK, delivered in partnership with our clients, to compensate any areas of our business that happen to tilt the balance”.

59club has 6 territorial divisions around the globe; UK & Ireland, Asia, USA, Middle East and Africa, Western Europe and Southern Europe, with two new openings set for 2022 in Canada and Australia. The hope is that the other offices will also be in a position to accelerate their neutrality plans, with emphasis placed on the new divisions serving Canada and Australia to open in a carbon neutral position from day one. 

59club CEO Simon Wordsworth added, “We have long been regarded as an industry leader championing customer service and driving our affiliate venues towards delivering the greatest customer experiences, and now we’d like to take that position of trust and use it for the greater good, with the hope that others will follow in our footsteps.

“Attitude to climate change is very different across the regions that we operate, and we have to respect those cultural differences, whilst not losing sight that we have a duty to preserve the planet for the next generation. Working together to change behavior is the only real way forward, and for those fortunate enough to be in decision making positions, it’s up to us to create the environment to change attitudes faster, 59club are doing that. There is a significant cost to these actions, this cost is often used as a reason to push the deadline off into the distance. We firmly believe that companies should take action now, should use a “green” supply chain – we will be doing so and this feels like an opportunity not a cost in the medium term.”

The project is being led by 59club Director Andy Etherington, who has already delivered numerous work and lifestyle changes across the company over the past 2 years including dietary changes, increased use of locally sourced food, recycling and composting and the use of renewable energy.  Earlier in the year 59club chose Kinsey to supply uniforms globally through their new brand, BRK, which is made of ‘100 per cent renewable source materials’. The latest move will see Etherington fulfil the switch over of all company vehicles in the UK to electric models.

59club will share further details and landmark moments of their journey towards becoming green on their website and via their social media platforms.